Phil Sloves

A Driven Actor, Singer, Dancer.


Strangers compliment me



“Clifford Bradshaw was nicely played by Phil Sloves. His young face suited his character well, as Cliff was at times naïve. Cliff’s journey from a young man seeing the world, to a grown man with morals and firm beliefs was clear in Sloves’ portrayal. His chemistry with Newbrough was sweet and believable.”
– Angelica Potter via


Spelling Bee

“Among the stand-out performers is actor Phil Sloves, playing disheveled, geek William Barfee… With the grace and subtlety of Jerry Lewis’ Nutty Professor, Sloves uproarious performance brings down the house.”
– Caryn Robbins via (2011)

“In the role of William Barfee, the speller with the "magic foot," Phil Sloves is a joy and truly idiosyncratic, seeming both weird and appealing.”

Zander Opper via (2019)


billy elliot 

“Next comes an outstanding Mr Braithwaite, Phil Sloves, who has the role down pat, right to the full splits, in Born to Boogie”
- The Billy Elliot Forum